Linux and HyperV 1

After som serious attempts on installing my favorite GNU/Linux distribution Debian on a HyperV instance I have reverted to use VirtualBox again. After a few hours of wrestling with this I have learned that HyperV is not suited to use with any other GNU/Linux distribution then CentOS, Redhat and Suse­­­1. So to run a regular Debian or Ubuntu system for now Virtualbox(free) or it’s more powerful but slightly more complicated competitor VMware are suggested for using virtual GNU/Linux distributions with Microsoft Windows 8

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  • Kristoffer T

    Indeed, me and a friend tried to wrestle Ubuntu and Debian ontop of Hyper-V with mixed amount of success. Everything from wierd network issues to outright performance problems. But it worked somewhat.

    I haven’t yet revisited it in awhile but might shortly get a lab set up to try it again.

    In my experience VirtualBox does very well as desktop-based virtualization. For a more server based one Xen, KVM (RHEV) and VMWare are way more preferable :)