Making internet explorer spell check in English.

Internet explorer 11 is a decent product, while I was never a fan of the previous versions this one works rather well and can still show some of the pages that its predecessors were more or less exclusive for in the past. So imagine my annoyance when I could not change the spelling correction to English (I normally write in Swedish) in an easy and simple way, it confused me to say the least.

First you need to go into your charms bar ( [Win] + [C] for you quick key junkies out there). Hit settings and then “change PC settings”

Next go to “Time and language”

Then select “Region and language” and “Add a language”

Select English or the language that you are interested in adding spell checking support for and then next now you should have something that looks like this

If US is not your primary keyboard layout just remove it and add your own and presto you are done and now you have spell checking enabled in your Windows 8 Internet explorer machine! To switch between two different languages simply press [alt] + [shift] to change languages. The annoying part is that it does not seem to be a way to change language without reloading the page in internet explorer.

Do you have a better way to solve this? Please leave a comment!