The Internet of things news coverage has increased fivefold since 2012!

Wow the last few weeks have been booming with new cool news about the internet of things (IoT) from being something that hardware geeks were talking about ten years ago to this massive movement that everyone is talking about it

The news coverage about the “Internet of Things” has increased almost five fold since 2012, almost five times more news in as little as one years’ worth of time, Amazing! Back when the technology world started talking about direct internet connected sensors and similar stuff over ten years ago is has been a very slow process of getting the subject more and more accepted – until now that is!


What is less surprising is where the interest for the Internet of Things have been the biggest with common high technology areas like Singapore, South Korea, India, China, U.S.A but the most interesting for me as a Swede is that we (Sweden) are also represented with a decent amount of news coverage in our local papers and magazines together with Canada and Great Britain.

So what does this mean, well now that the twitter bots and bloggers that yesterday was talking about JavaScript and Single page applications over the last few months have shifted focus and started talking more and more about IoT, IoT Hardware and RTOS operating systems more people will talk about it, papers will write more about it and consumers and companies will start asking about it. Some think that the IoT will grow to become a 19 billion dollar industry in just a few short years!

Personally I am looking forward to smart homes, connected interfaces that work for me to minimize the time and effort I have to place in things that does not interest me or just claim valuable processing time from my brain that could be used to write more blogs posts (or perhaps more likely what enemy to kill on the Xbox games) If you could not tell I am excited! If you are doing something cool with Internet connected devices for smart homes or similar I’d love to hear about it!