MSDN-benefits and you

Are you forgetting to use the benefits of your MSDN subscription?

Lots of people get MSDN subscriptions through their work or various Microsoft programs, now I have been told that apparently, lots of people that have MSDN subscriptions are unaware that this comes with a load of really useful benefits this post is my attempt to give you a hint of what you are missing, such as access to both Azure and free education? Lots of people have completely missed that it comes with benefits that just disappear if you do not use them.

With your MSDN subscription comes the possibility of using cloud resources between 50-150 $ month. This is very useful if you want to test something in existing versions or peek at the next version of Microsoft products. Above all, there is also the possibility to experiment with TFS & Visual Studio! There is no risk of ‘unconscious’ costs and no credit card details required for activation. activate your Azure privilege, log on MSDN,

MSDN plural Sight benefit. With your MSDN subscription you also get access to a limited range (depending on MSDN the subscription) of Pluralsights courses. There is such courses on Microsoft Test Manager, Fakes, IntelliTrace and Scrum with TFS. Just click on the link and sign in with the Microsoft account (Liveld) that is linked to your MSDN subscription.

As an MSDN subscriber, you’re eligible for a single-user Office 365 Developer Subscription. Use your Office 365 Developer Site as a development and testing environment for creating apps for Office and SharePoint. Read more here

A list of all your MSDN subscription benefits can be found here

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Karl-Henrik “KH” Nilsson