Never bored on a flight again! Thanks to Steam and the XBOX One controller 2

So this a very non tech post i guess but it worked so well I just have to share it!

A few weeks back I had an amazing time at the IT-Arena conference. I were there talking about reverse engineering wireless transmissions and how to teach your child programming while learning electronics. The only downside of going to a conference that is far away is the air travel, because let’s face it flying is boring. I could write code but I find the tray often to small to use a laptop with any level of comfort. Combined with people who readjust their seat so often I wonder if they are having an epilepsy attack. Planes are just not a good place to get a lot of work done for me. This time though I brought my 2-1 laptop. A HP x360 Spectre that folds so that only the screen is visible and it proved to be a true game changer!

HP Spectre X360 on plane tray

I gives me a portable screen that fits on almost any airplane tray and I can now use it as a display and play games. In the Steam app I can list all the games that have full gamepad support and select one that I would like to play. The games have some more limitations of course. Limitations such as that they need to work on the laptop you are using. Not need a network connection and I guess not scare the person sitting next to you. I choose Skyrim as a suitable game to sink a lot of time into during my flight, and had a blast!

I also needed a gamepad so I had a controller that I could hold with comfort under the tray. I choose the Xbox One controller because  it’s USB connection lets me use a short and flexible cable. The controller also don’t need a driver to work with Windows 10.

HP X360 with xbox one controller

So now, rather than reading the in flight shopping magazine or sleeping in an uncomfortable position. I am off exploring Tamriel.

  • Patrik Svanström Fd Johansson

    Hey – I´m considering buying x360 2-1 and have 1 question as I fly several times a week: Do the flight attendants allow you to use it during take off / landing / taxing – like they do with Ipads – or do they ask you to put it away ?

    • Karl-Henrik Nilsson

      Hi! Very seldom in my experience, on two occasions have I been asked to put it away so around 10% of the flights that have had it out during take off / landing. Given that I have it in tablet mode of course so it does not look like a laptop.