Hi! Thought that I should share this script that has helped me numerous times when I have had a need to kill all connection to a Microsoft SQL Server Database. DECLARE @Database nvarchar(50) SET @Database = 'Database_name' DECLARE @Query varchar(max) SET @Query = '' SELECT @Query = @Query + […]

Kill all connection to a Microsoft SQL Server Database

With all the new GNU/Linux boards becoming cheaper by the minute will this mean the end to Arduino and similar boards? I have seen this question being posted around the web and I would like to try and give an answer to this question.

Will RaspberryPi and BeagleBoard kill Arduino?

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Annoyed about opening all my .PublishSettings files to get the username and password for all my Azure sites when I need to FTP to them (This is a need I have far more often than I am comfortable admitting) I gave up and sacrificed then ten minutes it took me […]

PowerShell script to get username and password for FTP from ...

PowerShell 2
  Okay so a visitor to Microsoft PowerShell forums asked how to set Microsoft Outlook to cast a message with a warning if a mail contained an attachment. I wrote a quick hack for him and I thought I would share it with anyone who is reading this blog or […]

A PowerShell script to add a Microsoft Outlook rule that ...

Document myself a better programmer what have you been drinking!? My code is self documenting you might say but hear me out and let me tell you about something that might motivate you to write better and more extensive documentation. Programming are by far one of the most fun things […]

Document yourself a better programmer!?

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After som serious attempts on installing my favorite GNU/Linux distribution Debian on a HyperV instance I have reverted to use VirtualBox again. After a few hours of wrestling with this I have learned that HyperV is not suited to use with any other GNU/Linux distribution then CentOS, Redhat and Suse­­­1. […]

Linux and HyperV

Some friends and colleagues of mine recently started a work-group to learn more about big data and while it is a tad bit off my field I joined them, among the things I have contributed with is a twitter analyzer tool that can record tweets that contains tags that you find interesting or […]

Playing around with (small) Big Data.

Problems with your productivity? Maybe Mr Seinfeld has the solution with his “don’t break the chain”  productivity trick. What tricks do you use to get better productivity? And how did they work for you?

Problems with your productivity?