lttree 1
Me and my friend Thomas Brunström have been coding and soldering like mad to get our x-mas tree connected to the internet this winter! It all started as a slightly crazy drunken idea in late October (in a Sauna..) about making a website to control our x-mas tree, and since […]

Light That Tree!

The netduino using a shift register
Some time ago I got my hands on the Netduino platform and to celebrate that they are releasing a new version of the Netduino Plus with added CPU power and RAM here is a blog post about shift registers. Commonly used for adding digital output pins.   A shift register […]

Using the Netduino with shift registers

  I have had a problem for quite some time with my SD-card reader of my lenovo laptop.The problem is that it says that every card I try is reported as write-protected but today I found a post on a Microsoft forum advising me to blow into the SD-card reader and to […]

The blow into the cartridge solution still works!

  I have seen an ongoing trend, mostly around my clients but also some of the professionals I meet in the field of work. The trend I have seen is however not that T-shirt and sweatpants are in among geeks this fall but rather that cloud services are mostly just […]

The cloud is so much more then web-hosting