Internet explorer 11 is a decent product, while I was never a fan of the previous versions this one works rather well and can still show some of the pages that its predecessors were more or less exclusive for in the past. So imagine my annoyance when I could not […]

Making internet explorer spell check in English.

The become the ace of any software development company you have to be the best at everything, you have to know everything about debugging software, everything about all the technologies that we work with and of course all about how to write effective code. The only problem with the previous […]

The art of being the best at everything.

  Hi! Thought that I should share this script that has helped me numerous times when I have had a need to kill all connection to a Microsoft SQL Server Database. DECLARE @Database nvarchar(50) SET @Database = 'Database_name' DECLARE @Query varchar(max) SET @Query = '' SELECT @Query = @Query + […]

Kill all connection to a Microsoft SQL Server Database